The Malt Maniacs in Person

Malt Maniacs began as a ‘virtual’ collective around the Malt Madness website. For a long time we interacted almost exclusively via e-mail and the world wide web, but gradually we started to meet more often in real life as well. In fact, the first ‘maniacal’ meeting occurred in 1998 between Craig Daniels and Johannes van den Heuvel in Amsterdam. Our ‘live’ dramming sessions were very instructive and lots of fun, but they also added another dimension to our ‘malt mania’.

So, nowadays there are several occasions around the year where maniacs meet in real life. However, because we live all around the world there simply are some physical limitations to the number of ‘live’ events we can organise. That’s why we welcomed the invention of novelties like Twitter and Facebook. You can now follow us on Twitter or join Malt Maniacs & Friends on Facebook if you’d like to participate in our discussions. The last time we checked our stats we already had more than 2,950 friends on Facebook – which could very well be higher than the cumulative number of actual friends that we have in real life. Just check out a malt maniac’s personal profile if you want to know more…

Overview of all ‘certified’ maniacs

Clicking on the name of one of the 29 certified malt maniacs will (usually) lead you to his or her profile on Facebook. Quite a few certified maniacs do have web sites of their own – you can reach those via the links at the right.

Name From Born
   Joined     Website
Joe Barry South Africa (East London) 1945    2007    Uisgebeatha Whisky Club
Patrick Borschette Luxemburg 1971    2016    n/a
Patrick Brossard Switzerland (Basel) 1974    2016    Whisky News
Ulf Buxrud Sweden (Malmö) 1942    2005    Ulf Buxrud’s Whisky Site
Benjamin Chen Singapore (Singapore) 1987    2011    Singapore Whisky Blog
Luca Chichizola Italy (Torino) 1974    2007    n/a
Craig Daniels Australia  (Adelaide) 1957    1997    Malt Whisky Society of Australia
Paul Dejong Belgium (Meeuwen-Gruitrode) 1965    2009    n/a
Mark Gillespie USA (Haddonfield, NJ) 1962    2007    WhiskyCast
Lawrence Graham Canada (Victoria) 1958    2005    Whisky Intelligence
Konstantin Grigoriadis Austria (Vienna) 1965    2007    Konstantin (Yes, that’s the name)
Rich Howard USA  (Minneapolis, MN) 1967    2010    Rich Cafe
Olivier Humbrecht France  (Turckheim) 1963    2003    Biodyvin Society (in French)
Robert Karlsson Sweden (Växjö) 1975    2006    Wexio Maltwhiskysällskap
Davin de Kergommeaux Canada  (Ontario) 1948    1999    Canadian Whisky
Oliver Klimek Germany (Oberschleißheim) 1968    2011    Dramming
Lex Kraaijeveld UK (Southampton) 1962    2003    n/a
Pit Krause Germany (Regensburg) 1974    2007
Thomas Lipka Germany (Bremerhaven) 1959    2009    n/a
Charles MacLean UK (Edinburgh) 1951    2005    Whiskymax
Nabil Mailloux Canada (Kingston) 1970    2009    n/a
Martine Nouet UK (Port Charlotte) 1951    2005    n/a
Krishna Nukala India (Hyderabad) 1955    2000    n/a
Louis Perlman USA (New York, NY) 1959    1997    n/a
Tim Puett USA (San Jose, CA) 1970    2010    The Ardbeg Project
Patrick De Schulthess Switzerland (Geneva) 1965    2010    n/a
Peter Silver USA (New York, NY) 1957    2003    The Jazz Dentist
Serge Valentin France  (Turckheim) 1960    2001    Whiskyfun
David Wankel USA (Los Angeles, CA) 1970    2009    Los Angeles Whisk(e)y Society
Keith Wood Germany (Erding) 1959    2011    Whisky Emporium
Ho-cheng Yao Taiwan (Taipei) 1971    2004    Taiwan Single Malt (in Chinese)

Retired Maniacs

Johannes van den Heuvel (Holland)
Klaus Everding (Germany)
Michael Wade (USA)
Patrick Whaley (USA)
Matti Jaatinen (Finland)
Jay Rozeboom (Japan)
Luc Timmermans (Belgium)
Alexander Van Der Veer (Holland)
Bert Bruyneel (Belgium)
Chris Bunting (Japan)
Martin Diekmann (Germany)
Roman Porparov (Israel)
Mark Adams (USA)
Ralfy Mitchell (Isle of Man)
Dave Broom (UK)
Michel van Meersbergen (Holland)