E-pistle 2008/09 – My Most Memorable Visit to Scotland

By Konstantin Grigoriadis, Greece

Well…, let me think for moment, …

Oh yes, now I remember all the details 🙂 (who said that while getting older memory degrades… ) It was the Year of our Lord 2004; beginning of May and we had a Beautiful Spring Weather with lots of blue Sky & Sun. The Planned route would led us from Glasgow over Glengoyne to the Speyside region, up to the Highlands, to Oban, with the Ferry from Kennacraig to Islay, from there back to the Mainland, to Campeltown, with the Ferry to Arran and back again to Glasgow and then back (sniff) to Vienna.

To be honest, I don’t know exactly why this Trip is the most memorable for me. Was it the fact that it was my 2nd one at all (the first one was to Islay in Sep 2003), was it the great Route through so many regions of Scotland, or was it the fact that Scotland & whisky was something quite new to me? I think that it was combination of all the above, that made this trip so Special for me. Well, the ‘why’ is not important, fact is that this trip will stay the most outstanding experience I had in Scotland and will bear the most positive memories in my mind, from all my trips to Scotland until now. Only my Islay Festival 2007 Trip with Heinz and Walter, where I had a great time together with the fellow maniacs Serge, Olivier, Thomas and Luc (yes the Oyster Eating, yack…) can cope with it.

OK, enough sentimental bla bla, lets start the journey through “My most Memorable Visit in Scotland”.

Day 1:

We started our journey from Vienna Airport, very early in the morning (brrrr, I hate that), arrived in London Heathrow where we had 2 hours between our domestic flight to Glasgow. At the Glasgow Airport we finally touched Scottish soil (Hallelujah!!), where we picked up our rental Car. Oh well, not the biggest one, it fitted exactly us 4 and our luggage, not much room for other goodies… The journey started from Glasgow Airport through the beautiful Lowlands (where I had to admit, that I took a nap…) to our first stop, at the Glengoyne Distillery.

At Glengoyne we met Antony McCollum from Chieftains, who introduced us to The Distillery Lady (who’s name I’m afraid I forgot).
With The Distillery Lady and Anthony we walked through the Distillery and the warehouses, where we had a few Cask Samples (It was the first time I drunk whisky from my hands, cause we didn’t had any glasses with us. The Distillery worker just poured the whisky he drawn from the Cask with a Valinch to the inner side of our hands. After that we smelled all over of EAU DE Glengoyne Sherry Cask. After that Single Cask baptism, we had a very interesting Chieftains and Glengoyne Cask Samples Tasting with Bottles Anthony brought with him, some of them very Old, it was also the first for me I tasted a Single Cask Grain the Caserbrigge 42yo 1960! (Was like good Bourbon…) That was my Breakfast, wow !!!

After that extensive breakfast (ehh.. Tasting) a quick visit to Tormore including a Fotosession, and straight to our Speyside Hotel (the Delnashaugh Hotel) for a DINNER (Fooood…) & a few further Drams and Cohibas, after the Malts of course (Good old Times…) The Hotel had a nice Bar with mostly ‘Mainline’ Bottlings, but I discovered there a few Old Bottlings from the Hotel owners Collection, waiting to be opened for the appropriate Price 😉 and as you can imagine we opened them,

He, he.. from Glasgow Airport to our first stop, at the Glengoyne Distillery, where we had a nice tasting with Antony MacCallum and a walk through the Distillery & warehouses. After a quick visit to Tormore including a Fotosession we went to our Speyside Hotel for a Dinner & a few Drams. The Hotel had a nice Bar with many ‘Mainline’ Bottlings, but i discovered there a few Old Bottlings, from the Hotel Owners Collection, waiting to be Opened for the appropriate Price 😉 and as you can quess we opened it, he, he…
The following Malts were tasted this Day:

Carsebridge 42yo 1960/2002 (41.6%, Chieftain’s, C#15010, Dd:02.60/10.02, 135 Bts., Single Grain) 2002 Chft (92 points)
Glen Scotia 29yo 1975/2004 (43.3%, Dun Bheagan, Rum, C#689, 210 Bts.) 2004 DunB (50 Points)
Brora 23yo 1980/2003 (50%, Dun Bheagan, Ian McLeod, C#821, 324 Bts.) 2003 DunB (90 Points)
Glengoyne 19yo 1984/2004 (58.2%, OB, C#1464, 576 Bts., ‘Winter’) 2004 0B (86 Points)
Glengoyne 15yo 1989/2005 ‘Duncan’s Choice’ (55.7%, OB, C#1204, 350 Bts.) 2005 0B (90 Points)
Glengoyne 19yo 1985/2004 (52.6%, OB, C#608, ‘Summer’) 2004 0B (89 Points)
Glengoyne 31yo 1972/2003 (56.0%, OB, C#2970, 510 Bts.) 2003 0B (88 Points)
Glengoyne 1969 (47%, OB, Vintage Reserve, 2742 Bts.) c1996 OB (90 Points)
Glengoyne 1971 (48.5%, OB, Vintage Reserve, 2100 Bts.) c1996 OB (86 Points)
Glengoyne 26yo 1970/1996 (48.5%, OB, Vintage Reserve, 1200 Bts.) 1996 OB (88 Points)
Springbank 35yo 1969/2004 (50%, Dun Bheagan, Refill sherry, C#148, 516 Bts.) 2004 DunB (91 Points)
Caol Ila 21yo 1968/1989 (58,5%, G&M for Intertrade, 297 Bts., 75cl) 1989 G&M (92 Points)

Day 2:

Day two started with the most beautiful rainbow I ever saw & a great full Scottish breakfast, after that we visited Glenfiddich and Balvenie. Never been at Glenfiddich the distillery which made Single Malts popular around the world. A Big Distillery… (11 wash stills & 18 spirit stills), but beautiful. The Still Room is very impressive, so many Stills and so hot in there.

From the beginning of my Whisky “Career” I wasn’t a big fan of Glenfiddich, till I tasted the marvellous old (and expensive ) Single Casks. I love the (94 Points) 40yo 1960/2000 (43.6%, OB, 600 Bts.) 2000 0B.

Glenfiddich managed to keep an Industrial grade distillery traditional and a beautiful place to sit an relax , the clear pool water, the green grass around it and these old almost black stone build houses around it. Of course the good weather helped a lot with these impressions. We stayed quite long at Glenfiddich walking around and exploring every closed door…

But it was time to go on further north to Huntly to visit Duncan Taylor and meet Euan Shand and Kirsty McLeod (wow, what a name, it reminds me of the Film “Highlander” with Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery), I love that film. I met Euan for the first time in Austria in 2004; Euan was in Austria because he would be hosting a DTC Tasting in Steyer (Upper Austria). The day before that tasting, he joined us and attended at our monthly Club Tasting. Euan is a great Guy and a Connoisseur, he loves everything that’s is good, including good Cigars (Cohibas Pyramido Limited Edition) and (not only DTC) good drams, so we had plenty about we could talk. Driving through the Highlands with the many dramatic sceneries was great; I could watch out of the window, while driving (not me of course) all day and wouldn’t get enough. But Scotland is not that big, so we reached Huntly and the headquarter of Duncan Taylor.

We visited first the Shop where we check on which Bottlings we didn’t knew and waited for Kirsty to join us.
Kirsty welcomed us and showed us the Bottling facilities and the tasting room in the (at this Time) newly moved into house behind the shop. The Tasting room (where all the Cask Samples are) was of course the more interesting place for me. While tasting the Cask samples Euan joined us too, the time passed very pleasantly with tasting, talking and joking (here I found out that Kirsty hates Spiders.. 😉 and the ABV in the blood of our drivers was increasing…., so it was time to drive back to our Speyside Hotel for a good Dinner, more great Drams and a few good Cuban Cigars 🙂

Following Malts where tasted this Day :

79 Glenfiddich 21yo Havana Reserve (40%, OB, +/- 2003) c2003 0B
83 Glenfiddich 30yo (40%, OB, +/- 2000) c2000 0B
90 Benriach 34yo 1968/2003 (50.4%, DT Peerless, C#2593, Dd:11.68/01.03, 137 Bts.) 2003 DT
92 Bowmore 33yo 1969/2003 (42.5%, DT Peerless, C#6085, 238 Bts.) 2003 DT
91 Bowmore 34yo 1968/2003 (41.7%, DT Peerless, C#1426) 2003 DT
78 Bunnahabhain 36yo 1966/2002 (40.1%, DT Peerless, White port) 2002 DT
86 Bunnahabhain 36yo 1966/2003 (40.7%, DT Peerless, C#4874, 222 Bts.) 2003 DT
88 Bunnahabhain 36yo 1967/2003 (40.1%, DT Peerless, C#3327, 203 Bts.) 2003 DT
82 Bunnahabhain 36yo 1967/2003 (40.2%, DT Peerless, C#3326, 234 Bts.) 2003 DT
85 Glen Grant 32yo 1970/2003 (53.6%, DT Peerless, C#810, 98 Bts.) 2003 DT
88 Invergordon 36yo 1965/2002 (51.8%, Peerless, 1stfill bourb, C#15539, 252 Bts.) 2002 DT

Day 3:

After a good Scottish breakfast, we started the day by visiting Strathisla and Glen Keith. Strathisla, ohhh, one of my favourite Distilleries, isn’t she a Beauty? When you look at that Distillery it’s like watching a Thomas Kinkade Painting, the colourful flowers, the fat green of the grass in combination with that marvellous old stone build Distillery, with the waterwheel and the beautiful pagodas, makes this distillery (for me) the most romantic one in the Speyside almost kitsch. Well, the kitsch continued while we entered the Distillery shop and the tasting room, with the open fireplace and the pink and purple sofas…the violet colour shirt I was wearing at that day matched perfectly the room. Anyway, liked it… does that mean I like kitsch? Perhaps…

A few meters apart is Glen Keith, hidden behind trees like a middle age castle, looks a little more like an Victorian times industrial building that has he own flair. The beauty of Glen Keith is behind the distillery where a small river flows surrounded with trees and an old bridge. Everything was green and the water so fresh, a place to relax and dream of good Drams. Lovely Place a little bit like the Magic Forrest…

Time to get back to reality, so we drove to Elgin where we visited Gordon & McPhails at their Headquarter. There we visited the botlling facilities and had an Extensive tour through the Warehouses, where we had to wear a Helmet, I case a Butt falls down from the Shelf’s, on our head’s….

I can assure you there are many, many good casks there, lying around or stacked in the high steel shelves, which I would love to taste 🙂 Seeing all that liquid Gold in these thousands of Casks, tells me that we will have plenty of good stuff to await in the future in our glasses.
Next step was Benromach, where Derek Hancock welcomed us and where we had a private Tour through the newly opened (at this Time) Distillery, after that we tasted the not yet bottled Benromach Malts in the Distillery’s Shop. From Benromach to Dallas Dhu, which unfortunately was closed in 1983, but reopened as a visitor attraction in 1988 in form of a Museum. Dallas Dhu was one of the many Distilleries closed during the 1980’s… It was getting dark and started to rain, but it had to be one more for the road and that was Longmorn! Well, nothing special to about the look of that distillery, quite industrial, luckily the Malts from Longmorn are much better than the Distillery looks (the most of them). Now back to the Hotel for the usual Dinner, Drams & Cigars 🙂

A few of the Malts we tasted that day (or at least those I remember..  ) :

70 Strathisla 8yo (57%, G&M Licensed, early 1980’s, 75cl) c1982 G&M
75 Strathisla 1972/1994 (62.1%, G&M Cask, C#7510-7512) 1994 G&M
87 Ledaig 1974/1992 (56%, OB, White Label w. Red & Black Letters, Red Paper Box) 1992 OB
94 Longmorn 14yo 1964/1978 (45.7% 80 Proof, Cadenhead’s Dumpy, Black Label, Dd:10.64/10.78, 75cl) 1978 Cad
85 Longmorn 15yo 1974/1989 (46%, Signatory Dumpy, C#85/194-101, Dd:09.74/08.89, 1000 Bts.) 1989 SigV
77 Longmorn 1969/1993 (61.2%, G&M Cask, C#3721,5297) 1993 G&M
86 Macallan 1974/1999 (46%, Murray McDavid, Fresh Sherry) 1999 MMcD
90 Macallan 1980/2002 ‘Exceptional Single Cask’ (51%, C#17937, Dd:11.80/05.02, First release, Sherry Butt) 2002 OB
80 Port Ellen 1977/1991 (59.7%, G&M Cask, C#2017, Dd:04.77/08.91) 1991 G&M

Day 4:

Good Morning… with a visit to Glenfarclas, where John L. S. Grant and 2 members of the Management welcomed us. Ian McWilliams at that time quite new at Glenfarclas took us to an extensive private tour through the Distillery and the Warehouses. I liked the Still room and mostly the shiny Sample Spirit Safe No2. The Weather was ideal (Rainy and chilly) for a Cask Tasting in the Warehouse and that’s what we did after the Distillery Tour, so we visited Warehouse No1. We tasted there a few younger ones, Vintages 1989 and 1990 as a warm-up before we had an

Rare Drams session in the Glenfarclas VIP Room, with the green Chesterfield sofas and a wonderful Nicolas Visscher Scotland Map from the 16th or 17th Century (I collect old Maps). After a good dramming session we where invited to lunch at the nearby Dowans Hotel, a beautiful old  Scottish Hotel.

After the lunch with Ian we continued to the Aberlour Distillery where I hand filled a Bottle of each a 13yo Sherry and a Bourbon Cask, directly from the Casks (something like the Valiches at Bruichladdich), of course we tasted the stuff too.

We didn’t stay long at Aberlour. We had a longer schedule for this day, so we drove north trough the Highlands, through beautiful landscapes to the Ben Nevis Distillery and the remainings of the Glenlochy-Distillery. The scenery at Ben Nevis seen from the Distillery is breathtaking, seeing the in a pyramid stacked dark casks in front of the white Distillerry the trees with pink and white blossoms and behind it the mountain of Ben Nevis with its white snow top! Strange, this scenery, the absolute clean air opened my appetite for a dram of a good Ben Nevis, which we had in the Distillery. But time was short and we had quite a journey to archive, because our last step for that Day was Oban!

We reached Oban later in the evening and checked in the Caledonian Hotel, then out to discover Oban!
Oban is a beautiful little town at the sea with a Distillery (Owned by Diageo and part of the Classic Malts) and the only town in Scotland with its own Colosseum, the McCaig’s Tower, more usually and descriptively called McCaig’s Folly. After waking through Oban and visiting the local Tartan and Whisky shop’s, it was time for Food, so being near the sea we had a fantastic dinner with grilled scallops, that was good ! Next day we had to take the Ferry to Islay from Kennacraig early in the morning, so we went back to the Hotel earlier, where we had few nightcaps in the Hotel Bar 🙂

A few of the Malts we tasted that day (or at least those I remember..  ) :

71 Glenfarclas 15yo (46%, OB, +/- 2004) c2004 0B
78 Glenfarclas 21yo (43%, OB, +/- 1999) c1999 0B
83 Glenfarclas 25yo (43%, OB, +/- 2003) c2003 0B
89 Glenfarclas 30yo (43%, OB, +/- 2004) c2004 0B
85 Glenfarclas 1969/2003 (41.1%, OB, C#2899, 215 Bts.) 2003 0B
92 Ben Nevis 19yo 1972 (58%, OB, 75cl) c1991 0B
89 Ben Nevis 19yo 1976/1995 (56.3%, OB) 1995 0B
Longrow 9yo 1992/2001 (57%, Cadenhead’s, for Switzerland, 342 Bts.) 2001 Cad
78 Macallan 12yo 1990/2003 (57.6%, Signatory Dumpy, C#8747, Dd:05.90/03.03, 634 Bts.) 2003 SigV
84 Port Ellen 21yo 1978/2002 (50%, DL OMC, Dd:01.78/05.02, 474 Bts.) 2002 DL
90 Port Ellen 24yo 1979/2004 (56.8%, Signatory Decanter, C#6773, Dd:11.79/10.04, 541 Bts.) 2004 SigV

Day 5:

From Oban to Kennacraig to take the ferry to Islay. I love being on a ship, I love the sea and the salty wind on my face, therefore the 1:45 hours long boat trip to Islay is always one of the highlights of each visit to Scotland and Islay. To sail to Islay, feel like a Viking and not to open a Special Bottling to taste, no,no,no, that would be like a “Soup without Salt” 😉 so we opened a Bottle of a Brora 26yo 1976/2003 (54.9%, DL Platinum, 288 Bts., Japan) 2003 DL (Rated it 93 Points). Heaven, the sea breeze, the quite medicinal sherryed Brora and the Cigar afterwards, for this single moment I was Satisfied 🙂 The time at the ferry was so relaxing, watching the seagulls fly with the ship and the waves is like meditation for me. After arriving at Port Askaig on Islay we visited Caol Ila with the dramatic view on the Paps of Jura and draw directly to the Bridgeend-Hotel to unpack our luggage and to visit Bowmore afterwards. Did I tell you that I love Islay, no? Well I think you can imagine that .

Walking on the central road in Bowmore, reaching the harbour and taking a look back up to the round Church of Bowmore (it’s rounded, so the Devil doesn’t have nowhere to hide) you see the picture that is on almost all Postcards of Bowmore.

We took a long walk through Bowmore and a few Pub’s and settled finally at the Lochside Hotel, where we had a Heavy dramming session, tasting many old drams (35 Pounds for 2cl Laphroaig 40yo, that was cheap!….) I was such a wonderful experience, sitting at the Lochside Hotel outside, tasting all that great malts, having fun and watching the Sun go down with the Orange light over Bowmore and the Bowmore Distillery. Life is Beautiful! And thank God I have the possibility to enjoy these sceneries…  The Sun was gone and we got hungry, so we reserved a table in the Harbour Inn Hotel, where we had a wonderful Dinner. But the day was not over, back at the hotel we tasted the whole range of old screen printed Bowmores and had our obligatory Cigars.

Following Malts where this Day tasted:

93 Brora 26yo 1976/2003 (54.9%, DL Platinum, 288 Bts., Japan) 2003 DL
90 Longmorn 30yo 1973/2003 (55.8%, G&M Cask, Dd:04.73/05.03, C#3240) 2003 G&M
81 Macallan 1974/1996 (46%, Murray McDavid, fresh sherry) 1996 MMcD
82 Port Ellen 23yo 1975/1998 (43%, Hart Bros) 1998 HB
94 Port Ellen 25yo 1976/2001 (50%, DL OMC, Dd:03.76/04.01, 522 Bts.) 2001 DL
75 Bruichladdich 1965/1991 (53.5%, G&M Cask Strength, C#5525/5530/5531, Dd:12.65/09.91) 1991 G&M
65 Bruichladdich 31yo 1969/2000 (52.5%, G&M Cask Strength, C#2973-2977-2979, Dd:07.69/07.00) 2000 G&M
79 Bunnahabhain 22yo 1980/2002 (55.6%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#9064) 2002 BBR
92 Laphroaig 30yo (43%, OB, +/- 2000) c2000 0B
88 Laphroaig 40yo (42.4%, OB, +/- 2001) 2001 0B
95 Ardbeg 18yo 1974/1992 (57.7%, Cadenhead’s, 150th Anniversary) 1992 Cad
94 Ardbeg 1976/2002 (53.5%, OB, for Italy, C#2396, Sherry Butt, Dd:11.76/02.02, 492 Bts.) 2002 OB
91 Ardbeg 15yo 1975/1990 (46.0%, Cadenhead’s) 1990 Cad
91 Ardbeg 1978/2000 (56.9%, G&M Spirit of Scotland, C#1999 & 2000) 2000 G&M
92 Ardbeg 1990/2001 (48%, G&M Spirit of Scotland, C#2765) 2001 G&M
83 Ardbeg 23yo 1974/1997 (50.9%, Signatory, C#1045, Dd:03.74/09.97, 180 Bts.) 1997 SigV
96 Ardbeg 27yo 1972/2000 (50%, DL OMC, Dd:11.72/07.00, 144 Bts., 75cl, USA) 2000 DL
63 Bowmore NAS ‘Darkest’ (43%, OB, +/-2001) c2001 0B
82 Bowmore NAS ‘Dawn’ (51.5%, OB, Port finish, +/-2002) c2002 0B
Bowmore NAS ‘Voyage’ (56.0%, OB, +/-2002) c2002 0B
Bowmore 15yo ‘Mariner’ (43%, OB, +/-2000) c2000
Bowmore NAS ‘Cask Strength’ (56%, OB, +/-2000) c2000 0B
Day 6:

Port Ellen……. My long awaited visit to Kildalton and Ardbeg 🙂
The Kildaltog Cross is another Highlight of each Islay visit for me, the Place is so full of Energy & so peaceful. Being full of Spiritual Energy we continued to Ardbeg where we tasted some Barley Energy :-), then some energy from Lagavulin & Laphroaig. At the end of the day I couldn’t sleep with so much Energy 🙂

Following Malts where this Day tasted :

Port Ellen 1980/1995 (64.7%, G&M Cask, C#5088-5089 & 5091-5093, Dd:11.80/02.95, 35cl) 1995 G&M (82 Points)
Ardbeg 21yo ‘Committee’ (56.3%, OB, 2500 Bts., 2001) 2001 0B 92 (Points)
Ardbeg 1977 (46%, OB, 2002) 2002 0B (90 Points)
Ardbeg 1980/2004 ‘Kildalton’ (57.6%, OB) 2004 0B (84 Points)
Ardbeg 25yo ‘Lord of the Isles’ (46%, OB, 2001) c2001 0B (92 Points)
Laphroaig NAS ‘Quarter Cask’ (48%, OB, 2004) 2004 0B (89 Points)
Laphroaig 10yo (43%, OB, +/- 1980, ‘Unblended’) c1980 0B (92 Points)
Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strength (57.3%, OB, Green stripe) c2000 0B (89 points)
Laphroaig 1976 ‘Vintage’ (43%, OB) c2000 0B (90 Points)
Lagavulin 12yo 1988/2000 (56.2%, Hart Brothers) 2000 HB (91 points)
Lagavulin 25yo (57.2%, OB, Bottled 2003, 9000 Bts.) 2003 OB (84 Points)
Bunnahabhain 12yo (40%, OB, +/- 2004) 2004 0B (75 Points)
Bunnahabhain 34yo 1968/2002 ‘Auld Acquaintance’ (43.8%, OB) 2002 0B (90 Points)
Laphroaig 15yo 1988/2003 (55.6%, Signatory SftC, C#3599, 890 Bts.) 2003 SigV (88 Points)
Pulteney 34yo 1967/2002 (54.9%, DL Platinum, 259 Bts.) 2002 DL (81 Points)
Day 7:

Visit to Bruichladdich where I filled the obligatory Valinch, then to Loch Indaal and the remainings of the Loch Indaal-Distillery. Next we took the Ferry to Jura where we met Mickey Heads (now Manager at Ardbeg), taking a long excursion at the Jura Warehouses, tasting the Islay festival Bottling 2004 and the 1965 Special Bottling among many others. Back to Islay to Bunnahabhain where we had a very friendly welcoming from John McClellan and a few Drams, then to Finlagan and the “Lord of the Isles” and to Walter Shoberts Micro Brewery. Then at the Pottery and straight to the Bar at the Bridgeend-Hotel 🙂

Following Malts where this Day tasted :

Bruichladdich 1990/2003 ‘Valinch Flora McBabe’ (55.2%, OB, C#3666, Dd:09.90/12.03, 700 Bts.) 2003 OB (82 Points)
Isle of Jura NAS ‘Superstition’ (45%, OB, +/- 2003) c2003 OB (84 points)
Isle of Jura 5yo 1999/XXXX (59.9%, OB, C#21, Peated) c2004 0B (89 Points)
Isle of Jura 19yo 1984 ‘George Orwell’ (42%, OB) c2003 OB (82 points)
Isle of Jura 21yo (40%, OB, +/- 2000) c2000 0B (80 Points)
Isle of Jura 16yo (40%, OB, +/- 2003) c2003 OB (82 points)
Isle of Jura 30yo 1973 (55%, OB, C#3155, 466 Bts.) c2003 0B (89 Points)
Isle of Jura 36yo  (44%, OB, C#590, 449 Bts., 2001) 2001 0B (90 Points)
Bowmore 15yo ‘Mariner’ (43%, OB, +/- 2000) c2000 0B (85 Points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Darkest’ (43%, OB, +/- 2001) c2001 0B (63 Points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Claret’ (56%, OB, 12000 Bts.) c2002 0B (83 Points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Dawn’ (51.5%, OB, Port finish, +/- 2002) c2002 0B (82 Points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Dusk’ (50%, OB, +/- 2002) c2002 0B (82 Points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Legend’ (40%, OB, +/- 2004) c2004 0B (79 points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Surf’ (40%, OB, +/- 2004) c2004 0B (75 Points)
Bowmore NAS ‘Voyage’ (56.0%, OB, +/- 2002) c2002 0B (82 Points)
Those were the reports of seven days in Scotland and the trip continued for a few more days.
The Complete Picture Album of the Described Scotland Trip can be found on my Homepage www.grsnet.net (ca. 500 Pictures)